Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?


Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Most people researching whether or not they should get into affiliate marketing would definitely ask them selves this questions.  And of course it’s a question that should be asked, because if you’re going to spend your valuable time and effort learning affiliate marketing then you’d want to know whether it is profitable or not.

Well, as someone who has a lot of experience as an affiliate marketer, I can say that it is in fact very profitable, so much so that I make a full-time income from it.

Incomes vary depending on who you talk too, but if you think whether a six figure income is possible, then let me be the first to say that it is, because I earn a six figure income from affiliate marketing.

But, I’m just scratching the surface, I know a lot of affiliates who are making $90,000 plus a month.

Is It Still Profitable?

Once upon a time affiliate marketing was an easy way to start up a business with little to no investment. And around 5 t0 7 years ago, all you had to do to make money was to put up a website and rank for just about any keyword phrase you wanted and you’d make money.

Google Adwords (paid advertising) was also way cheaper back then, and you’d only pay $0.05 per click to make money as an affiliate, but those days are over.

So it’s no wonder people say whether affiliate marketing is still a profitable proposition.

And well, it is, but it is just way harder to make money.

So the potential to make money is still there, and the business model hasn’t really changed, it just the way in which you get visitors coming to your offers that has really changed the most.

The biggest problems to making sure you keep away from scams. if you want to work at home, then there are much better ways.

How Can You Make It More Profitable?

Before, the majority of your investment in both time and effort in affiliate marketing was apportioned more to trial and error, meaning all you had to do was to throw money at it, buy in some traffic, and see what stuck to the wall – to coin a phrase.

Well, that method of affiliate marketing is well and truly over.

Now the majority of your time and effort needs to be spent on learning a robust process that lasts the test of time.

I see too many folks wasting their time and effort on throw away tactics that are designs to get you “wins” today, but break when the next update arrives.

The best use of your time and effort should be spent on building a business that is built on sound business principles instead, because those principles can withstand the test of time and will be more proftable in the long run, because it never breaks.

You can learn affiliate marketing here.

Which Niches Hold The Most Profits?

You know this is a funny question, because if you think about it, you’ll find that you can make money in just about any niche you can think of.

Who knew you could make money out of candles, yet, there are people making millions of dollars from it.

What about shoe laces, there are folks earning millions from it.

If you can think of it, you can probably make money from it.

I walked past a shop the other day and all they did was sell shaving products, nothing else. I mean who would have thought you could turn shaving into a business.

I visited another shop where all they did was sell decorated rocks. They were ordinary rocks that had been painted and could be used as paper weights or desk top ornaments.

Learn How To Become A Profitable Affiliate

Learning how to identify profitable niches is something that can be learnt. With the right mentor or coach you will find it a lot easier to make head way in the affiliate marketing industry.

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